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Dr. Lee Diamond is available to speak to your group or organization on the following topics:

Stress Management

  • Dr. Diamond will speak with your group about the effects of both physical and mental stress. He will provide instruction and tips on how to cope with your everyday stresses - from both a physical and emotional point of view. Specific exercises and breathing techniques will be demonstrated. We will show you how nerve interference caused by stress can lead to health problems. lf you're stressed out to the max, this seminar is for you!

Stay Fit While You Sit

  • The goal of this program is to help sedentary workers increase their productivity by minimizing the causes of physical injury due to poor posture, environmental conditions, and stress. The program focuses on the little details that make a big difference in personal comfort and health. Based on Dr. Scott Donkin's international best seller, Sitting On The Job.

Back Safety & Injury Prevention

  • The # I most common occupational injury is a back injury. This workshop will show workers how to avoid injuries... before they occur. The information provided can reduce employers compensation costs & maximize productivity.

The 6 Facets of Health & Life Extension

  • In this funfilled program, you will learn about: Proper exercise, good posture, nutrition & diets, proper sleeping habits, positive mental attitude, and how good spinal hygiene enhances your health.

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What our fans are saying....

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"What our fans are saying... "On behalf of AT&T, l wish to express our appreciation for the Stay Fit While You Sit Workshops you conducted on our premises this past month. The feedbock we received on each session was positive. People felt they were given a great deal of valuable information in a short amount of time. You were generous with our people." - Elizabeth L.

Screen Shot 2018 05 07 at 2 59 34 PM"On behalf of the Mastercard Wellness Center, we would like to thank you for presenting the Lunch-n-Learn, Coping with Stress program. Finding positive ways to deal with stress has been a growing concern for many employees in our changing times. We appreciated your sharing of time and knowledge for the Mastercard employees." - Kimberly H.

"On behalf of the employees of The Dannon Compony, I would like to thank you for speaking to our group. The Screen Shot 2018 05 07 at 2 59 30 PMfeedback we received from our employees who attended the presentation was both positive and motivating and we would definitely recommend this Back Injury Prevention Program to others." - Jonine M

Screen Shot 2018 05 07 at 2 59 39 PM"Dr. Lee Diamond gave a powerful lecture on the importance of Stress Management. His workshop provided information and instruction on how to cope with everyday stresses - from a physical and emotional point of view. He spoke about specific techniques and breathing exercises to help reduce everyday stressful situations. His lecture was well received by everyone that attended." - Matthew R.

For scheduling a Lunch with Doc health workshop, having us participate in your company Health 914-949-5666

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